Do I need an agent when building?

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Many buyers ask this same question. They think that, “If I’m buying a new house directly from a builder, why do I need a realtor?” After all, you can find a builder, drive right up, negotiate the deal and move in all your own right? Sort of. The bottom line is that hiring a realtor means you have someone in … Read More

6 of Utah’s Most Common Architecture Styles

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Utah’s housing boasts a variety of architectural styles from Pioneer to Post-War Modern. Following are the six most common styles arranged by period. The next time you are driving around your neighborhood you will not only be able to spot these styles but know more about their history as well.   Pioneer About the Pioneer Style: The Pioneer Style was … Read More

What is Land Entitlement Services

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When it comes to homeownership, primarily land development, one keyword you’ll hear is land entitlement, but what does this mean? By definition, land entitlements are the legal methods to be approved to develop land for a specific use. In layman’s terms, this is the extensive process you must go through in order to obtain the rights to build a home.  … Read More